Human-centered design is focused on interactive rather than passive systems, anything that a human may interact with regardless of technology, process or communication. Humans rather than users are now the important centre of consideration as many humans have lost their importance and opportunity to gain efficiencies by projects only focusing on one user group, the end users.

Human-centered design is an approach to interactive services, products and systems, research, design, development and management that aims to make them usable and useful by focusing on all the users, their needs and requirements, and by applying human factors/ergonomics and usability knowledge and techniques.

This approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency, improves human well-being, user satisfaction, accessibility and sustainability; and counteracts possible adverse effects of use on human health, safety and performance. HCDSociety

Human Centered Design or User Centred Design

The name of the organisation is directly defined from the International Standard. In this area of business there are many contentions around the meaning of various business activities often leading to litigation as expectations are not met by one party to a contract or another. To clarify meanings and expectations of service and outcomes we will be using the legal framework written into the International Standard.

There are many erroneous statements online regarding, UCD and HCD as separate things relating to different activities this is completely wrong

Human Centered Design is the next evolution of User Centred Design

The International Standard is ISO 13407:1999 User-centred design processes for interactive systems now revised in 2010 as ISO 9241-210:2010 Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems.

The Society

The Human Centered Design Society, named in line with ISO 9241-210:2010(E). We want to focus on professional standards, professional development and attaining a legally defined and ethical basis for clients and practitioners. Karl Smith, HCDSociety


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