Ethical Principles

 Our Ethical Principles

  1. All activities undertaken by HCDS are first and foremost to increase the knowledge of HCD and to protect and increase its value in the wider world.
  2. When conducting studies and research any representative or member of HCDS will ensure that the process is designed, documented, reviewed and undertaken to ensure objectivity, integrity, quality and transparency.
  3. All HCDS’ publications be they studies, research, policy or public statement, must be made without bias and under the principles of full disclosure.
  4. HCDS will set clear standards and regulations that will be legally binding to all who represent HCDS whether in private or public.
  5. No activities by HCDS as a body or by its representatives and members will be conducted with or for any organisation or individual who act in opposition to these principles or the standards and requirements set out by the Professional Standards committee.

Effective Date: 4th of November 2016

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