Ethics Policy

Human Centred Design Society (HCDS) Ethics Committee Statement


Ethics Policy Statement

The Human Centred Design Society, hereafter referred to as HCDS, is committed to conducting all its activities within a comprehensive ethical framework to establish and maintain the highest quality of service for the society, its representatives, their peers and the people who they serve.

The underpinning ethical principle for HCDS is that any engagement, research, consultancy, project, whether in the public or private domain, will be of the highest possible quality with the stated aim of improving knowledge of Human Centred Design in all its forms for the benefit of all.

It is HCDS’ expectation that its directors and members should be aware of all ethical policy consideration and ensure that they act in an ethical manner when engaging in any all activities whereby the society and its members are being represented.

This Ethics Policy Statement also includes the following framework elements


Effective Date: 4th of November 2016

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