The Human Centered Design Society and UCD UK Conferences

Notice of Separation

To clarify the relationship between The Human Centered Design Society and UCD UK Conferences, The Human Centered Design Society is issuing a Notice of Separation.

This Notice of Separation is being done for legal liability reasons. Over a period of time, UCD UK Conferences has operated outside of the rules of the Societies constitution. As such we must clearly separate the two organisations as it has become apparent they that have different agendas and organisational accountability.

The Human Centered Design Society will continue to work with UCD UK Conferences to enable the wider aim to support the community of practitioners they engage with. However, we accept no liability for the organisation or financial aspects of the conferences they produce.

All communications regarding UCD UK Conferences should be directed towards them.

As The Human Centered Design Society moves towards a membership organisation structure we look forward to many more years of involvement with UCD UK Conferences.

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