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Karl Smith works in Transformation on the leading edge of what business, customer and digital means, where it’s going and helping clients to understand what they need to do now, to still exist in a shrinking global marketplace. He is also involved in defining how an open IoT ecosystem will work with blockchain and AI avatars towards the massive economic and social change it will bring.

Human Centred Design Society launch Ethical Policy

The Human Centred Design Society, is committed to upholding professional standards that enable clarity around the working practices and outputs of HCDS professionals so that clients gain the benefits of professional services in HCD. In order to underwrite that commitment Human Centred Design Society has put its Ethical Policy online today to provide clear guidance to […]

The Human Centered Design Society setting up role taxonomy

The Human Centered Design Society is setting up a role taxonomy. “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the recruitment industry is not describing Human Centered Design correctly its activities, including UX, Information Architecture, UI Development etc. And they are causing client confusion. As such it is the responsibility of The Human Centered Design Society to […]